1. Norway is a very beautiful country but at first Samuel hates living there? Why do you think this is?

2. Why does Samuel shout at his sister on page 55? And at what point does his opinion change of her?

3. Martha's silence is brought on by the sudden death of her parents. Can you find an instance where her silence brings danger to both herself and Samuel?

4. How do Samuel and Martha change at the end of the novel?

5. Can you spot the clues that give away Samuel has visited Norway before?

6. Why does Martha run into the forest?

7. Why do you think Troll-the-Left and Troll-the-Right hate each other so much? Can you provide examples?

8. Why does Professor Horatio Tanglewood want to keep the forest a secret? Is there anything you've wanted to keep secret from people? Why did you want to?

9. Can you spot the clues in the novel that indicate who Ibsen actually is?

10. What are the powers the HEK bracelet gives to the painter, Old Tor?

11. In the Professor's book, The Creatures of Shadow Forest, he gives all the creatures a weakness. What do you think the Professor's weakness is? And what about Samuel's?

12. Troll Father says on page 267, 'The present is a home built with the stones of the past'. What does he mean by this? In the book, what does Samuel remember about his own past?


1. Write and illustrate a short story set in a forest.

2. There are lots of dangerous creatures in Shadow Forest, can you make up your own creature? Write a description and illustrate it.

3. Here's a description of Oskar, the greengrocer:

'He was short, with a bald head and an impressive yellow moustache. He also wore a yellow bow tie and yellow shirt, tucked tight over his round belly. He just stood there, silent in his yellow clothes, as if he was just another cheese waiting to be picked.'

If Oscar looks like a 'cheese' what food do you think you look like? I look like celery.


1. The trolls only have three toes. List five animals that have less than five toes.

2. Hewlip is a very deadly plant found in Shadow Forest. Research and write about three other poisonous herbs.

3. Uncle Henrik used to make Gjetost cheese before his sheep were stolen. It tastes very sweet and is brown in colour. Research five other cheeses. What animals produce them and what do they taste and look like?