Q. When did you start writing?

Q. Who was your favourite children's writer when you were younger?

Q. Who is your current favourite children's writer?

Q. What are you reading now?

Q. Where did you get the inspiration from Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest?

Q. What have been the defining moments in your career so far?
A. Nothing beats that first phone-call when you find out your book is going to be published. But generally the best moments are those when everything just clicks and the idea for a novel is suddenly complete in your head. It feels like reaching the top of a very steep hill and finally being able to take your backpack off.

Q. Who are your biggest literary and non-literary influences? [MATT!!]
A. Anxiety is my main influence. I think, really, anxiety is the key mood at the beginning of the twenty-first century, so being a naturally anxious person helps capture that kind of feeling.

Q . Did you always want to be a novelist?
A. No. When I was 8 I wanted to be a pop star and made a cassette of songs with my sister, using her synthesiser, and I sent it to Duran Duran's record label. I then phoned the receptionist to ask if it got there, and she very sweetly burst my dream. After that, my ambitions got smaller and smaller, until I had a breakdown/breakthrough in my twenties and became a teetotal neurotic with a handy back-catalogue of embarrassment, disappointment and pain to draw on.

Q. Is it nice, being paid to write novels?
A. Yes. It's lovely.

Q. How do I get a publishing deal?
A. You write something only you could write, something you feel has to be written. You put everything you have into it. You put it before all else. You send the first three chapters and a snazzy one or two page synopsis (try and make it read like a back cover) to a relevant, reputable agency. Sound confident but not arrogant in your cover letter, and only give them the info that will help them sell the book. If they want to see more, have it ready. Then you pray.

Q . Do you have time to read this extract of my unpublished novel?
A. Maybe. Maybe not. It's nothing personal, but if I'm in full writing mode, I might not have time. And even if I do have time, and I do like it, you'd really be better off sending it to an agent. Or Stephen King. Or Margaret Atwood. Or someone who sells a lot more books than me.

Q. Do you answer all your emails?
A.Yes. I'm a bit disorganised and get quite a few nowadays, but I try and reply to everyone. Unless you've sent me something nasty, in which case I'll be ignoring you.

Q. Do you want to invest in some Insurance Bonds?
A. No.

Q. Cheap weekend deals to Barcelona?
A. Really, I'm fine.

Q. What about the chance to win a holiday to Las Vegas?
A. Matt Haig is out of the office. He will be back at his desk on the 8th February 2015 to answer all your enquiries.