A rather long list of thank yous

First of all, I must say a very big thanks to you for finding this website. And huge thanks to all of you who have read Shadow Forest. I thought you did so brilliantly, and put the book down in precisely the right places. If only all my readers were as good as you!

Secondly, I must thank two very exceptional people, who played a very big role in getting the book out there. They are my agent Caradoc King and my editor Charlie Sheppard, whose agenting and editing powers are so magical they almost qualify as superheroes.

Other people I must thank are:

Everyone at Random House Children’s Books, particularly Annie Eaton, Clare Argar, Lucy Walker, Laura Harris, James Fraser and all those people I don’t know but who clearly work very hard.

The wonderful illustrator, Sandy Nightingale, who has brought Shadow Forest to life in the most exceptional way.

The brilliant team at A P Watt, who include such wonderful human beings as Elinor Cooper, Judith Evans, Christine Glover, Teresa Nicholls and Linda Shaughnessy.

And last but not least Andrea, my wife, best friend, co-worker and the only person prepared to listen to my mad ideas about one-eyed trolls at 4am in the morning.