Matt Haig:
Hello, Matt Haig.

Matt Haig: Hello.

Matt Haig: May I just say you look very well today.

Matt Haig
: Thank you. So do you. I wish I had your handsome looks.

Matt Haig: Thanks. Anyway, I'd like to start by asking you some questions.

Matt Haig:
Okay Matt, fire away.

Matt Haig: Right, the first question I have is - when did you start writing stories?

Matt Haig: When I was 3. It was a true story about going on an underground train. It was 'I went to London and went on an underground train.' I drew pictures for it, too. But my spellings were different, I think.

Matt Haig:
Who are your favourite writers?

Matt Haig: I love Roald Dahl, Tove Jansson, S. E. Hinton, Eva Ibbotson, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Emily Bronte and about a million others.

Matt Haig:
I'm impressed. So, Shadow Forest is your first children's book, but you've written for adults too haven't you?

Matt Haig: Yes. They're called The Dead Fathers Club and The Last Family in England. I've also written a book called The Possession of Mr Cave which should be out next year.

Matt Haig:
Are they any good?

Matt Haig: They're okay.

Matt Haig: Just okay?

Matt Haig: Well, actually they are works of infinite genius but I didn't want to look like a big head.

Matt Haig: I see. So, why did you want to write Shadow Forest?

Matt Haig: I heard about a boy called Samuel Blink, flew to Norway and listened to his story, then wrote it down.

Matt Haig: You don't except me to believe that, do you?

Matt Haig: It's the truth. Believe what you want.

Matt Haig: Do you answer readers emails?

Matt Haig: Yes. I try to. So long as they aren't extremely nasty.

Matt Haig: Is there going to be a sequel?

Matt Haig: Yes, I'm writing it now.

Matt Haig: What advice would you give people who want to write a story?

Matt Haig:
I'd advise them to click here.

Matt Haig: Okay, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to-

Matt Haig: Is that it?

Matt Haig: Yes.

Matt Haig: Oh, I see. How was I?

Matt Haig: Okay.

Matt Haig: Just okay?

Matt Haig: Well, some of your answers were a bit boring . . .

Matt Haig: Hey . . . where are you going?

Matt Haig: I'm off.

Matt Haig: Off where?

Matt Haig: I'm having lunch with a Truth Pixie.

Matt Haig: Can I come?

Matt Haig: No. I've booked a table for two. You'll cramp my style.

Matt Haig: Fair enough.